When disaster strikes, you need to rely on someone with the capability, capacity and commitment to respond immediately. For nearly 18 years, MLU has provided extensive disaster response, workforce management, property restoration, logistics, and other related services to both Governments and private citizens.

We are passionate about helping communities prepare and respond to their worst-case scenarios, and that drives our team of experts to deliver when necessary.

Maintaining a constant readiness, versatility and an innovative approach enables us to set new industry standards while exceeding the expectations of our customers. With the scores of talented professionals on the MLU team, we stand ready to support you in your next disaster.

One of MLU’s key tools is our own proprietary software (and associated equipment for field operations) called Specifically Tailored Accelerated Response Visual Asset Tracking System (STARVAT ™). This near real-time automated management, tracking, reporting, and invoicing system enables extremely rapid response and reporting with a high degree of data integrity.

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Fast Facts

  • 18-year-old privately held corporation
  • One of the largest Small Business licensed temporary mobile housing unit (MHU) service provider in the United States
  • Maintains contractor, installation and specialized licenses in Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina and California


MLU provides support to:

  • Federal, State and Municipal agencies
  • Master Service Agreement Contractors
  • Oil and Gas Contractors
  • Construction Management Contractors
  • Engineering Contractors
  • Environmental Response Contractors

Core Values

  • Integrity: Ethical Conduct Always.
  • Safety: Take Safety Everywhere You Go.
  • Quality: Do it Right the First Time.

STARVAT™ Visual Asset Tracking

STARVAT™ Visual Asset Tracking

Professional Staff

MLU maintains professional team members located all over the United States prepared to rapidly and efficiently respond to every recovery and restoration project.

Quality Subcontractors

Relationships with professionals across the country allow MLU to respond to all emergencies quickly.

Extensive Experience

MLU has 18 years of experience with proprietary technologies and services for recovery and restoration.