Our delivery philosophy is simple: MLU is located where our clients are today and where they need us to be tomorrow. Their needs help drive our business, so we scale our offerings, move locations, and add staff to best serve them.

The result is a global network of portable offices that share common values and a commitment to customized service. MLU employees communicate seamlessly across geographic and disciplinary areas on a daily basis to collaborate, share innovative ideas and best practices, and help clients find the best solutions for every project. We do this through regular use of our internal communication tool, STARVAT ™, and hands-on, on-site management that creates a boundaryless, supportive, and productive atmosphere within MLU.

MLU’s diverse workforce gives clients an established local presence that understands their needs, which helps to reduce risk and maximize value. Because everyone at MLU is guided by the same core values and operates according to the same Code of Conduct, we behave and perform consistently no matter where we are; one company around the globe.

  • HQ Address: 573 Hawthorne Ave., Athens, GA 30606
  • Other Locations:
    • 2835 Hammond Rd., Ft. Pierce, FL
    • 4531 Durham Place, Suite B, Baton Rouge, LA 70816
    • 11990 Heritage Oak Place, Auburn, CA 95603
    • 440 South 10 St., Gate 12, Beaumont, TX 77701


Our Location Guarantee

If MLU does not have a facility in the area of a mission, we will acquire one or more locations, to fulfill the requirements of our customers missions. MLU has fulfilled this guarantee on many occasions including:

  • 2004 Florida Hurricanes and Flooding
  • 2005 California Wildfires
  • 2006, 2011, 2016, and 2017 Louisiana Hurricanes and Flooding
  • 2017 Texas Hurricanes and Flooding
  • 2017 Florida Hurricanes and Flooding
  • 2017 Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Hurricanes and Flooding
  • 2017 California Wildfires